Choosing the right HVAC Contractor in Lewis Center, Ohio

Whether your needs are commercial or residential, when you need HVAC assistance, you should always rely on a competent, qualified contractor. The problem then becomes what to look for in a reliable, professional HVAC contractor and the answer can be broken down into several parts.

Verify Licenses, Certifications, Insurance, and Bonding
Make certain that the contractor you select has the proper credentials for the work you want done. Insurance and bonding requirements are for your protection and a reputable contractor will have no hesitation about providing them to you.

Check References, BBB Rating, and Angie’s List
By doing your homework and researching potential contractors, you can make sure that you are going to get what you pay for, with professionally done work completed in a timely fashion at competitive prices. Learn from the mistakes of others on which contractors to avoid.

Get Bids
Part of the process includes getting bids from at least three of the contractors you are considering. This is very important, since it will require them to put in writing what services they agree to deliver, what products they will use, how long the job will last, and how much they will charge you. With this information in writing, should you need to take legal recourse if there is shoddy workmanship, cheap materials, or the job goes over deadline or over budget, you will have this documentation to support you.

Pre-Bid Inspections
When a contractor is coming to your home to put together a bid, you will want him to do a thorough inspection of the entire HVAC system to determine what needs attention. Performing a check of each of the components will ensure that there will be no surprises at the completion of the project, and that everything which needs attention will receive it.

Selecting the right HVAC contractor for your project is one of the most critical parts of the entire operation. Whether you are just replacing and HVAC unit, doing extensive remodeling, or building a new home or business, taking the time to go through the selection process will be time well spent.