Tips For Choosing The Right (HVAC) Heating & Cooling Contractor in Powell, Ohio?

Throughout the year, Powell, Ohio experiences drastic fluctuations in temperature that make having a functioning HVAC system in a home or business a must. During the winter, temperatures can drop as low as 20°F, while summer months will experience averages in the mid to high 90’s. For this reason, having a good HVAC contractor install the heating and air-conditioning system in a home or business, or do repair work on these systems, is essential. The following are a few things that residents of Worthington, Ohio should consider when selecting an HVAC contractor.

Not All Contractors Are the Same

When looking for the right contractor to perform service on your furnace or air conditioner in Powell, Ohio residents must remember that not all contractors are the same. There is a wide range in skill levels, competence, and ethics. Unfortunately, some HVAC contractors can be downright dishonest. Others who are extremely honest may not have the staff that is needed or the business system in place that allows them to adequately provide service to their customers. They may not have invested enough time or money in hiring appropriate staff and seeing to it that they have training in handling some of the more challenging problems associated with HVAC installation and repair. For this reason, researching the history of a contractor, their reputation, and the projects that they have worked on is important when selecting the right contractor for a project.

Avoid Inexperienced Contractors

The home’s HVAC system is the most complicated system in the home. Having inexperienced or amateur contractors installing new equipment puts the equipment at risk of damage and the safety of the residents in the home at risk. When investigating the experience of a contractor, it is good to ask the following questions:

• How long has the business been operating?

• Is the business licensed by the state to work with HVAC systems?

• Does the business have general liability insurance, and does the business provide workers compensation insurance?

• Can the business prove that their technicians have received training and certification to work with refrigerant gas?

• What trade Association is the contractor associated with?

• Does the business have a physical street address that is not a residential building? If so, can they provide the homeowner with the address so that the homeowner can verify the business’s physical location?

• Can the business provide names and phone numbers of satisfied and dissatisfied customers in the area?

• What guarantee do they provide if the homeowner is not satisfied?

• Can a business provide 24 hour a day seven days a week emergency repair service?

These are just a few of the questions that Powell, Ohio residents should ask when searching for an HVAC contractor. Residents should make sure that before they sign any agreement, they have seen all certificates and licenses, and that they have searched the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the contractor does not have unresolved complaints.

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